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Betsy's owners say:
"Sam has walked our dog for 8
years.  He has been a pleasure to work with.  He's
kind, attentive, and tremendously responsible.  He's
great with the dogs and the owners, both.  It's been
Barclay & Charlie's owners say: 
"I met Sam in Central Park 12
years ago walking dogs and asked him to take on our dogs Barclay & Charlie. What a great spontanious decision. You could not hope for a kinder, more responsible, trustworthy, dependable, flexable caretaker for your dogs. Not once in all these 12 years has Sam not been there for scheduled walks. The dogs are walked by Sam during the week, and often spend weekends at Woofstock Doggie Camp.  They love camp and we have many pictures to prove it.  
Our dogs are old now and demand special attention as well as mid-day medications.  Sam does it all!!  He is the best!!  My husband and I with our work and travel schedules, would never have been able to care properly for our beloved dogs without Sam.  Barclay and Charlie feel the same way, They love Sam!"
Louie's owners say:
"When my kids were little, they loved a
book about a zookeeper adored by the animals for his dependability.  Appropriately, the name of the book was Sam Who Never Forgets.  Though the family pretends to be miffed when I say it, they have to concede it's true when I say that Sam is the most reliable person in my life-- and, indeed, he never forgets. Anyone looking at the photos on the website will see that Sam's best friends are happy and well-cared for. One of my favorite times of day is encountering Sam, Daisy, Charleen, Cinnamon, and Mocha in Central Park on my way to work.  It's obvious that Louie, our bulldog, thinks Sam is a member of the family, just like his predecessor Babe did starting 14 years ago.
Sam makes it easy to have a dog in New York, and, when Louie's in Woofstock, it's heaven--especially for us!"
Daisy's owners say: 
"Sam and his team have been walking our
dog for over 8 years.  They are absolutely reliable.  They have never missed an appointment in all that time.  Our dog eagerly awaits their arrival and comes back from Woofstock weekends in very good shape.  An altogether outstanding service."  
Penny's owner says: 
"Sam has been walking Penny on a
daily basis for 13 years, from the day she came home from the shelter as an abused, frightened puppy who needed gentle and kind handling.  I have peace of mind that Sam isn't just walking Penny - he is taking care of her, whether it is toweling her off after a drenching rain, bundling her up in frigid weather, or making sure that there is a trained person to cover for him who has met Penny and knows her quirks and her routine.  Sam is completely reliable and responsible, and neighbors have offered how impressed they are that he
always keeps his attention sharply focused on Penny and her pals when they are out.   I trust Sam completely to look after Penny's well-being."
Cinnamon & Mocha's owners say: 
"We have been a client
of Sam's for seven years.  He is an amazing resource for a Manhattah dog owner.  He does a great job of handling our two dachshunds in NYC.  They willingly follow him outside no matter how bad the weather is and they love their trips to Woofstock. When they see him with their travel crate, they will even stop eating mid-meal so as not to risk missing a country trip.  I wish every part of my life ran as well as the dog management under Sam's professional, kind care."
Simon's Owners Say:
"We have a great peace of mind knowing
that Sam is walking our dog Simon. We know that Simon enjoys his walks as he gets very excited when he hears Sam get off the elevator in our building and Simon is always in great spirits when he returns. Our neighbors tell us how impressed they are by the confident yet gentle way Sam keeps his group of dogs in control when they encounter Simon on his afternoon walk in the neighborhood.
Our dog is a sensitive soul and we appreciate how sensitive
and gentle Sam is with him. At the same time, we know that Sam is consistent about maintaining Simon's good manners and does not let any bad behaviors
creep in while on his daily walk.

Sam is like a member of our family at this point - we know
that we can count on him and very much appreciate everything he adds to
Simon's life."

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